Importance Of CPR Update

High levels of stress, unhealthy meals, and rough living patterns have done a lot of damage to the human body. It has more prominently affected the heart. Coronary Heart ailments these days are very common. Irregular heart functioning can be fatal. One never knows when he or she might fall prey to a cardiac arrest. When a person home, on the street, in office or for that matter anywhere has a cardiac arrest, his or her survival depends upon how immediately they receive CPR (from trained individuals).

According to RACGP cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills are not used frequently, this might diminish the skill over time. Studies state that a trained rescuer, able & willing to perform CPR is an essential criterion, when it comes to increasing survival rate from CPR.A CPR refresher course helps individuals stay updated with the entire CPR skill and technique.

To get your knowledge and skills updated, a CPR refresher course at sunshine coast is the best alternative. We help you understand the prerequisites and details about value you take away from the course.

Nationally recognized training centers should be a priority. National Training Information Service (NTIS) is approved in every state.

Anybody above the age of 14years is eligible to take the course.3 hours of face to face CPR training followed by written and practical assessments is a must. Once the training is complete the participant is certified to perform CPR in an emergency situation for 3 years in a row.

One should always be concerned about what the course offers to take back home. Given below is a checklist to understand the essentials in detail.

    • Recognize and respond to an emergency situation
    • Communicate details of the incident
    • Respond to signs of an unconscious patient
    • Indication for CPR
    • Demonstrate the use of the emergency action plan
    • Perform effective CPR
    • Safe manual handling


Hurry up and get your CPR skills updated by enrolling to a NTIS approved First Aid training institute in sunshine coast.