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Do’s and Don’ts of CPR

CPR is a very sensitive skill, known to a few. It is a skill that plays an essential role in saving lives of heart attack victims. A stroke or heart attack is when a blood vessel supplying blood to the heart gets blocked and hence the heart cannot receive sufficient oxygen to perform normally. A heart attack is definitely a medical emergency treated by doctors. The time between, when the heart attack strikes and the victim receive medical help is crucial. This is where CPR courses and training comes into action. A certified course in CPR from a National Training Information Service recognized course in Sunshine Coast is the most trusted source to learn all about CPR.

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The First Aid Provider

First aid is something that is provided to a person at the time of medical emergency before a trained medical personal arrives. We can never predict who may need first aid and when. Work is a place where all of us tend to spend maximum time of the day.

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